October 21, 2012 / 6 ♥

So I just watched This Guy’s in Love With U, Mare, and I loved it! I’m either really shallow or it’s really funny. The point is, I enjoyed watching it and I think I laughed way too much.

But I do not want to talk about the movie. I want to talk about the opening credits!

I have noticed that recently, Filipino movies have been focusing more on typography and design when it comes to the opening credits in movies. Before, they either used Comic Sans and Papyrus and just slapped it on the screen. It annoyed the hell out of me. But now, they seem to be giving more attention to it!

Maybe they realized that indie films have better opening credits than mainstream films. So they decided to step it up a bit. Well, whatever the reason is, I’m glad that they stopped using Comic Sans and Papyrus. That’s the only thing that matters.

So yeah. I’ll try to talk about the movie more in the following week. But right now, I’m gonna watch Running Man and probably get an earlier sleep than usual. Haha. Good night everyone!

P.S. I’m afraid I won’t be able to update as much as usual because Tumblr is currently ‘banned’ at work. HUHUHUHU. Let me cry myself to sleep. TT

  1. joseon-queen said: Since u said it’s funny, I think I’ll go see it this week. : ) Also, sorry ‘bout the Tumblr-ban part. :-/
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