Grace Wong is abducted one morning, after she dropped off her child in school. While locked in a cottage, she sees a broken telephone and tries to fix it. She successfully fixes the phone and contacts a random stranger.  Using the help of the stranger, Grace to free herself from being captured and to learn why she’s abducted.

CAST: Barbie Hsu (Grace Wong), Louis Koo (Bob), Nick Chung (Detective)



Well, I didn’t like it. I’ll try to be as objective as possible and I’ll try not to let my emotions take over me. Heh.

Watching Connected sent me to all levels of frustration. It has such a good premise but it slowly goes downhill as the story unfolds. A single mother is abducted and has no way of escaping. Luckily, she sees a broken telephone and being the electrical genius (I’m not sure what she is! Electrical engineer? Or something.) that she is, she fixes the phone and manages to contact someone from the outside, a stranger named Bob. Ah, it could have been so good.

I have no problem with the direction. I actually think it’s a pretty well-made movie. But the flow of the story is just so contrived. Once I notice those kind of things, I just couldn’t stop. So I guess my opinion on the movie is kind of biased. Halfway through the film, I was already making a list of reasons why I don’t like it much. I guess I missed out a lot of plot points but halfway through, I was already so intent on finding faults. I’m so sorry.

For example, Bob’s cellphone battery dies but he really must not worry because there’s a cellphone center nearby. His car crashed and good thing there’s an abandoned car with keys still on it within a really short walking distance. A conflict arises but he really doesn’t need to sweat because reinforcement will appear in a second. Also, when bad things happen, it happens in such great coincidences. This movie should be titled Coincidence instead of Connected. (Heh.) The characters are pushed into the worst possible situations but no worries, the writer will never ever let them die. Do we even have to count all the misfortunes that Bob encounters?

Aaaaaah. I have quite a few issues with this movie, and I kind of feel like an evil critic that doesn’t really have anything good to say but useless criticisms. So I’ll put on a faux halo and try to squeeze out all the things I liked in the movie.

The casting’s great. I seriously believe that the three main cast are quite amazing. If you have to watch this movie, watch it for the actors. I don’t get to watch too many HongKong films but I can say that the three are pretty good. I haven’t seen anything of Barbie Hsu since God Mars, and she has improved quite a lot. She gave a powerful performance, and gave a lot of energy and emotions to her character, Grace Wong.

Louis Koo’s character, Bob, could have been a pretty good protagonist. But like I said, he is pushed into unbelievable situations that I’m REALLY, REALLY surprised he came out alive.

I guess the main reason why I’m so disappointed is because the actors are really good but they are placed in rather silly situations. It got frustrating by the end! I know that movies don’t always have to be believable but there were too many coincidences just it end up too ridiculous.

But I’ve read other reviews and they seem to like it. So yeah, you don’t really have to believe me. It actually seems like I’m the only one who doesn’t like it. Heh. I don’t know. Maybe I should give this movie another try. But not anytime soon.

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