Anonymous: "I'm okay with illegal downloading btw"

me, too, anon. me, too.

Anonymous: "hi, sorry some of the links to the movies you posted under "2013" don't wok. Could you maybe tell me an alternative link to watch those movies? I can't find a link to Ghost Sweepers on your page or anywhere on the internet"

Sorry about that! Dramacrazy went down and I still don’t have time to fix the links. Once of these days, I hope!

Not sure where you can stream it. But try this torrent:

30 Day Asian Movie Challenge 
Day 4: Favorite Kickass Female Character
↪Ha Chun-Hwa in Sunny/써니



”Attack On Titan” Live Action Film’s Eren Casting Confirmed    

The actor to play Eren Yeager for the live-action Attack On Titan was announced on April 2nd in Japan. Haruma Miura, who is known as Shota Kazehaya in live-action Kimi No Todoke movie by anime fans will take on the main character role of the mega-hit manga and anime. Miura also voiced Yama in last year’s Space Pirate Captain Harlock movie.

Source: ANN, Sanspo

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» From Bad to Worst: Star Cinema Movie Posters That Make You Cringe (And Weep)


Studio Ghibli is one of my favorite anime~